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‘Monsters, Inc.’ Prequel Gets New Title

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No, it’s not too scary, but it certainly is better than just slapping the number two next to it and being done with it, something we’ve seen for a couple of Toy Story movies and this years Cars 2. When the Monsters, Inc. sequel lands on November 2nd, 2012, the Pixar film will be called Monsters University. This is a pleasant change of pace and lets the idea for the film to be a little more tied to the actual title. Having long disliked the numbering of sequels, which makes them pretty unfriendly in the eyes of the audience since they tire of it after awhile, going with this style definitely works best.

There’s little detail out there at the moment about the film, which is how Pixar usually plays it, but what’s come out so far is that it’s a bit of a flashback tale that tells of the time when Mike and James became friends at college after starting out as enemies. Which makes all the more sense in avoiding the number sequel idea.

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