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‘X-Men: First Class’ Pics Plus Shuler Donner On Marvel Comics Movies

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Empire Magazine has a new piece up showing off several new images from the X-Men: First Class movie, though they’re making the rounds in requesting sites take them down since they intend to have hi-res scans up soon, and they want people to grab the magazine. While there are some interesting pictures to be had, there’s some good information in there as well as producer Lauren Shuler Donner talks about the various X-Men properties and Deadpool as well.

Of particular interest is that while they’re going back to the 60’s with First Class, they intend to come back to the present with more X-Men as she says, “We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X4 leads into X5.

The mag also asks her about The Wolverine, though it was prior to the Arronofsky exit, which has her stating, “It will have depth and a dramatic backbone.  And yet there’s more action in this one than in any one we’ve ever done. It’s such a good script. We have the great Christopher McQuarrie writing and it’s very true to the Japanese saga. This is Logan on his own…”

One area that should please fans is the potential for the Deadpool feature and how it will handle what has come before with X-Men Origins: Wolverine which left fans decidedly cold at best about that interpretation of the character: “[Deadpool will be] a total reboot. We’re either going to pretend that didn’t happen, or mock it, which he could do.”

“You’ll see all of them. You’ll see Wade Wilson, the good-looking Ryan Reynolds! You’ll see Deadpool in his costume and you’ll see the cancer-scarred face.”

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