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‘Fringe’ Gets Fourth Season Nod

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There’s been a lot of drama about the SF drama Fringe over whether it would get a fourth season pick-up after the third season got shuffled from Thursday nights to Friday nights and saw its ratings drop enough week after week to cause concern. Execs at Fox have continued to express strong support for the series and faith in it even as they moved it to the area where shows tend to go to die, but according to the series producer, J.H. Wyman, he’s tweeted that the series has indeed been picked up for a fourth season with “Fringe was picked up!!!! Thanks Fringedom!”

While ratings have dropped for the show, it’s live+DVR numbers have been holding solid and its home video sales have been good as well. Friday’s are typically considered a dead night for a lot of shows because it’s when people are presumed to go out or do other things, but Fringe has managed to take its shrinking live numbers and buffer it up enough with the DVR numbers to make it work as it’s been picked up for another full twenty-two episodes for the fourth season.

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