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Zack Snyder Talks About Broken ‘Superman’ Franchise

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Zack Snyder’s not going to hold back too much in talking about certain parts of his next feature, the working titled film Superman: Man of Steel. While he’s talked recently about being respectful of the canon that has come before, he’s also said they’re not going to tiptoe around it like they’re in a museum nor are they going to build off of it in a meaningful way, giving fans hope for a proper reboot of sorts similar to what Christopher Nolan did with Batman Begins.

With him out and about on his Sucker Punch press junket run, he’s getting hit up with a lot of Superman questions and threw some interesting ones at him that got some different than usual responses.

“I think Superman is broken and needs to be fixed, from a movie stand point,” he says. “He is the biggest superhero on the planet – the father of every superhero.”

Snyder’s view of Superman as a character is an important aspect since he believes that the character deserves a far better standing in the world of cinema than he’s gotten in the last couple of decades. And he’s making sure that he people understand who the competition really is at this stage, stating,  “[the] world is out of balance” when Marvel has a “Thor” movie coming out but the “Superman” film franchise is reeling.

Snyder’s involvement in the film wasn’t exactly an easy sell though, as Snyder explains, “Before [the meeting] I was like, ‘I don’t know’.”explained. What helped win him over was his producer parnter and wife, Deborah, saying “I said to Zack, ‘I don’t really know about this. Let’s go and see what they have to say. … [After the meeting] we both left saying ‘Wow! This is great!’”


1 thought on “Zack Snyder Talks About Broken ‘Superman’ Franchise

  1. Lets see how the handle the biggest problem-Superman is almost god like-how do you make a credible threat to him in a handful of hours.

    And if they spend even a quarter of the film on his origin I’m skipping it. Born on another planet, shot to Earth, raised by parents who taught him morals. Sadly, it is a boring origin and given his pop culture status one everyone knows.

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