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Casting The Women Of The ‘Total Recall’ Remake

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The remake for Total Recall is moving right along as the casting stage is now starting to look at which actresses should share the screen with Colin Farrell as he takes on the original Arnold role. As we saw in the original, Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin played the roles of Lori and Melina respectively and each of them had their fair share of action to play in it. With the remake, the roles are up for grabs and Deadline New York has word on who is going in for the readings since it’s a known quantity that will get marketed heavily and has potential for summer popcorn fun.

For the role of Lori, they’re hearing that Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger are both reading this week for it. On the Melina side, it’s being revealed that Eva Mendes and Paula Patton are giving it a whirl but the writer has also heard that Jessica Biel and Eva Green may be taking a stab at it as well.

The original movie, directed by Paul Verhoeven back in 1990, was made for an expensive at the time $65 million and brought in about $261 million worldwide. Attempts at real franchise potential were not made, though a short-lived TV series was attempted, and hopes are that with a proper remake, it can be something even bigger this time around.

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