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Robert Pattinson Denies ‘Daredevil’ Rumor Again

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The press junkets are in full swing for Water For Elephants and that means folks are clamoring for comment from Robert Pattinson over the perceived potential for him to join David Slade’s reboot of Daredevil since the two worked together on the highly successful Twilight: Eclipse. Pattinson has shot down the rumor before and there’s no surprise that he’s doing so here again, but at least he’s aware of one of the reasons why it’s not a good idea – the fans will hurt him.

“I don’t know where that one came from at all,” said Pattinson of the rumor of him being a potential Matt Murdock. “That’s weird, didn’t that only come out about three years ago?”

While Pattinson has no interest in the title, he does know that his director on Twilight: Eclipse will be good for a role in it, as he joked, “”Get David Slade to play him. Oh no, he should play… who’s the bald guy? Bullseye!”

Knowing how fans react, something he’s had close association with because of his role as Edward in Twilight, he does at least joke that he shouldn’t be joking about any of it. “I shouldn’t even say this stuff, ’cause all the little fanboys will be like, ‘No! I’m gonna shoot him!'”


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