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Marvel Goes For 99 Cent Wolverine Comics Sale

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It’s a new Monday and that means a new Marvel Monday Sale via the folks at Comixology. This weeks sale goes for the origin side of Wolverin with two series being offered up for a total of nine issues available for 99 cents each. The first is the six issue series Wolverine: The Originwritten by Paul Jenkins with art by Richard Isanove and covers by Joe Quesada. In addition to that, the three issue series of Logan is rolling out as well as written by Brian Vaughn with art by Eduardo Risso.

Wolverine: Origin #1 (of 6)

Cover By: Joe Quesada
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Pencils: Andy Kubert
The Hill
This is it. Wolverine’s origin is finally revealed!

Logan #1 (of 3)

Writer: Brian Vaughan
Art By: Eduardo Risso
Wolverine’s memories have returned. Now armed with the knowledge of all his triumphs and misdeeds, he sets off for the site of one his first major battles to rediscover the man known as Logan.


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