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Disney Princesses Get ‘Sucker Punch’ed

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The world of mash-up videos is one that can be really horrific or amazingly strong depending on the quality of the person(s) making it, the source material and the overall concept. There are some pretty good ones out there such as the Ke$sha and Star Trek ones but they’re few and far between overall. One that came to light this week involves the Disney Princesses being used to the Sucker Punch trailer. Disney’s Princesses have seen varied use over the years, including things like Kingdom Hearts where they get a bit more of a chance to shine, but there hasn’t been a proper adult use of the characters in any form to really bring them across that boundary. Instead, they’re continually relegated to the kids level and for adults that are still kids at heart. With Disney saying they’re done with princesses after Tangled, you have to admit a project like this would be exactly the best way to re-ignite the passions for them. Check out the mash-up video below and the original Sucker Punch trailer afterwards.