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Logan Marshall-Green Set For ‘Prometheus’

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Logan Marshall-Green

The casting for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has definitely been interesting to watch as the film has changed since its original intent of being an Alien prequel to something connected but different. We’ve seen the casting of Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Idris Elba previous but we haven’t seen the leading man role nailed down until now with Deadline New York reporting that Logan Marshall-Green has been selected for the role.  He’ll play the role of Holloway, a crewman on the space ship and the love interest for the character played by Noomi Rapace.

Marshall-Green was last seen in the 2010 film Devil.

Plot concept: Ridley Scott stated that the story will take place in 2085, approximately three decades prior to the events of the first Alien film, before the birth of Ellen Ripley. The story, which originally went through several drafts, features a female lead character and will present a “technologically feasible” view on the early stages of “near faster-than light” travel. It will also focus on terraforming and Weyland Industries before its merger with the Yutani Corporation. The films will explore the nature and origin of the unknown extraterrestrial race, who only had a brief appearance in the first Alien as the derelict spaceship’s pilot. Scott stated that the films would be about “gods and […] engineers of space” and hinted at the possibility that the Xenomorph Alien was designed either as a biological weapon or as a means to “clean up” planets.

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