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‘Aftershock’ Feature Delay Expected

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One feature out of China in 2010 that was expected to get a big release come its March 26th opening in Japan was Aftershock, a movie by Feng Xiaogang that deals with the 1976 earthquake in Tangshan. The devastating quake has over 250,000 deaths and the feature dealt with that as well as covering the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake which claimed nearly 80,000 lives.

A spokeswoman for the films producer, Huayi Brothers Pictures, said. “It was going to be a big release, but now we’re not at all sure this is the right time to put it out. We’re waiting to hear what Shochiku decides to do.”

In its homeland release in 2010, Aftershock sold nearly $100 million in tickets, briefly becoming the highest-grossing homemade hit of all time.

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