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‘RASL’ Gets Movie Rights Acquired

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Jeff Smith scored a big hit early on with Bone and he appears to be getting a good following with his most recent work that kicked off a couple of years ago with RASL. While many fans continue to hold out hope for a Bone adaptation into some other media, it appears that RASL will see an adaptation first as Lionel Wigram, an executive producer on the Harry Potter series of films, has acquired the rights. In a positive sign, it appears that according to Variety, Jeff Smith will serve as a producer on it as well.

Comic summary: RASL – a stark, sci-fi series about a dimension-jumping art thief, a man unplugged from the world who races through space and time searching for his next big score – and trying to escape his past. In this first of three graphic novels, Rasl faces an assassin’s bullet and stumbles across a mystery that not only threatens to expose his own illicit activities, but could also uncover one of the world’s most dangerous and sought after secrets!

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