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Luke Ross Talks ‘Captain America: First Vengeance’ Tie-in

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Marvel Comics is making sure that they’re getting the energy going for the July 22nd release of Captain America: The First Avenger with a tie-in comic series that they’re releasing in an interesting way. The print version is a four issue series while the digital version is an eight issue series at a buck an issue, compared to the $2.99 cover price of the print edition. This lets people sample the book more easily in a bi-weekly format which could draw them more into other works. Some of the issues may not flow quite right in this half length form, something we saw with the third issue, but the series overall so far has certainly been good for familiarizing people with the youth of Steve Rogers and some of the back story for Hitler and Hydra.

Marvel has a new interview up with the artist on it, Luke Ross, which you can see in full here.

“The masterly way that Fred Van Lente presented the historical events in the FIRST VENGEANCE #3 script got me very excited and transported me quickly into the story,” Ross says. “After reading each page, I had many ideas for the panels popping out of my mind. So, it was easy for me to visualize the sequences but I saw them more like a movie then a comic book, which led me to go with more simple compositions and angles for most of the panels. What is more challenging for me sometimes is coordinating the visual ideas after brainstorming and properly choosing those which illustrate the scene more efficiently–and also having some visual appeal.

“I had a lot of luck; Fred was very generous with including most of the references I needed for the story, such as the Berlin Opera house and the Nazi uniforms. I only had to look for a few other things that I had some doubts about, for example the orchestra musicians on page three. I wanted to check if I should or should not include women in a German orchestra of 1934. On most of the images I’ve found of that period I didn’t see female musicians, so I drew a ‘mustache orchestra.’ And I also looked for some good references of Hitler and Himmler, which are not so difficult to find.”

“I also think that the layout of page nine works well; it presents the events of ‘The Night of the Long Knives’ in a way that avoids the violence, showing it in a subtle manner. I’m very happy with the final results–Richard Isanove did splendid work on the colors, bringing more life to the pages and making my pencils more exciting.”

“As CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST VENGEANCE is initially a digital comic, I avoided drawing crazy page layouts to allow for an easy and pleasant reading experience on digital media,” he says. “Anyway, I think the way we read on [an] iPad is not too different from the way we read on a printed comic, so it will work well as a hardcopy version too.”


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