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Friday Box Office Report: Battle LA Claims Sizable Victory

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This weekend has seen the release of three films that are all competing hard to get the year going and to build their own coffers. With 2011 being down overall from the previous year, particularly with that time period still riding the Avatar wave a bit as well as Alice in Wonderland, it’s not all that surprising. This weekend has Battle LA, Red Riding Hood and Mars Needs Moms as the main fare as well as follow-up weekends for Rango and The Adjustment Bureau. Sony claims to have a relatively small budget for Battle LA, supposedly around 70 million, and weekend expectations domestically are for about 35-40 million. Friday has them on a good start with 13.5 million. Red Riding Hood has a harder road to go as it’s only nabbed 5.7 million so far. The one really suffering is Disney’s Mars Needs Moms, which had only 1.7 million. Of course, parents aren’t exactly able to take their kids to the movies during the day on Friday cause of that whole school thing and most will definitely avoid evening shows with the higher ticket prices. So Saturday and Sunday’s numbers will be far more telling for these films


  1. Battle: LA (13.5 million)
  2. Red Riding Hood (5.7 million)
  3. Rango (5.5 million)
  4. The Adjustment Bureau (3.4 million)
  5. Mars Needs Moms (1.7 million)
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