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Two-Face To Return To ‘Dark Knight Rises’?

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The fate of Two-Face in the second Batman installment has been a source of frustration for many since the character obviously has so much potential and Eckhart did a solid job with it, both as Harvey Dent and as Two-Face himself. Once things started getting underway with Dark Knight Rises, he’s been pretty clear that he won’t be involved with it and even stating that the films director, Christopher Nolan, made it clear to him that he wasn’t going to bring him back for it. Well, it seems like there’s a sliver of a chance of a change with this as Eckhart is responding different to the question when asked, such as the CBS News interview below where when questioned, he responds with:

“I’m not?” asked Eckhart.

With Nolan having used characters from the first film in the second at the start, there’s always a way to do something, especially as name villains never truly die in the comics and you can pull it off in film just as easily. When asked to clarify, he responded with:

“I could not possibly say,” he responded, smiling.

Watch the clip here:

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