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Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld Team For ‘The Infinite’

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Team-ups are the stuff of legend in comics when it comes to the characters but there’s a number of pairings of creators that are just as legendary. One surprising and interesting one to come up this week involves Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, and artist Rob Liefeld (Deadpool). The duo are coming together on a new series called The Infinite, which is an SF based action series that will arrive in August from Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics.

According to ICv2, Kirkman told USA Today that, after spending the past few years writing about zombies, superheroes, and dinosaurs, he was excited to try his hand at a science fiction story. The Infinite is a time-traveling epic set in a future world, which has been destroyed by time-traveling villain. The hero of The Infinite is a soldier, who travels back in time and teams up with his 19-year-old self to defeat The Infinite and forestall the destruction of the world, in a high concept saga that Liefeld described as “a buddy movie with yourself.”

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