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January Jones Talks Emma Frost Sizing

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Digital Spy Showbiz has an amusing little piece on January Jones as she continues to talk up X-Men: First Class wherever she gets the chance. With her physique always getting attention because of the curves and such with her role in Mad Men, the role of Emma Frost certainly makes all her assets even more on display than usual. But she has to take a different approach to Frost because of how the character handles herself and she reportedly had to drop two dress sizes to take on the role for the movie.

According to the piece, she went on a strict ‘juice diet’ to take her from a UK size 8 to a 4, according to Now.

And in talking about the costuming for Emma Frost, something she generally is enthusiastic about, she says, ‘I’m virtually naked. In the comic, it’s pretty much painted on and she has quite an unrealistic body. It was a challenge for me.”


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