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Elizabeth Hurley Set For Wonder Woman Pilot Spot

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The Wonder Woman pilot (or train wreck as many seem to be calling it based on what’s known so far) has had a potential bit of new casting. According to a tweet Elizabeth Hurley has made, she’s going to be joining the pilot playing an unspecified role. “Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman,” she Tweeted. “I’ll be playing the evil villain. Can’t wait.” The Hollywood Reporter has indicated that NBC has not confirmed this at this point in time, likely owing to the need for her to obtain a visa for the role and any potential negotiations that would have to take place should the show get picked up and her role become a recurring piece.

Speculation as to who she could play has been focused mostly on the character of Veronica Cale, a villain character that first appeared in Wonder Woman comics back in 2003 as created by Greg Rucka. The characters creation was to give Wonder Woman her own type of Lex Luthor to play against and with this TV incarnation of Wonder Woman seemingly being a bit more corporate focused, it makes sense to utilize Cale in some fashion.


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