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Flashpoint Friday With Andy Kubert

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Friday has come again and DC Comics has a new Flashpoint Friday piece up where they have a sitdown talk with Andy Kubert, the artist involved with the project. Kubert gets some basic soft ball questions here but they’re ones that are fun to find out about as he talks about who was the toughest to redesign for this and what he liked handling with it. Considering his career and the number of characters he’s touched upon, getting a chance to do some redesigns for a short term event like this is the kind of fun challenge that a lot of artists look forward to having.

What’s the biggest challenge on working on a big project like Flashpoint?

The scope and magnitude of this project is pretty intimidating! I’ve done a few huge projects in my career, but this one is like drawing and creating a blockbuster movie epic. It’ really expands your horizons and thought process as to how far you can run with something if that makes any sense.

Check out more of the interview with Kubert here.


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